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DKCH KLBCH Waverine's Amoenit
Pierpoint Credo Crow
DKCH Kellyhide'S Double-O-Seven
DKCH Kellyhide'S Double-O-Seven
16/12 2007 - August 2015 ♂
7 years 6 months hearts tested clar at 7 years
Lypoma on the hip, presseure on spine
(Multi-champ Kellyhide's Ambrosius x DKCH Reinezabo Dei Mangialupia)
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Falkor is the old man of the house. He keeps his cool in every situation, never getting upset without reason and just runs the house with ease and calm.
I adore this boy, and as he's getting older he knows how to wrap me around his paws. 
He's so insightfull and the best therapy after a hard day.

12 weeks                                                                                       8 months

2 years Danish champion